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When you leverage the insights of a former scientist with an industrial background, you’re not just getting a content audit. You’re getting a comprehensive analysis rooted in scientific rigor and real-world industrial experience.

Here’s what you can expect:


Scientifically-Driven Content

Leverage the Power of a Unique Industrial and Academic Background
✔️ Alignment with Business Goals I'll ensure your content isn't just high-quality - it's also driving your business forward. With a clear understanding of your business goals, I'll align your content strategy to meet and exceed them.
✔️ Benchmarking Against Industry Standards With a background in the tech and science industries, I know what top-performing content looks like. I'll compare your content to industry standards to see where you stand and where there's room for improvement.
✔️ Strengths and Areas for Improvement​ Every content strategy has its strengths and weaknesses. I'll identify what you're doing well and where you could improve, providing a clear path to elevate your content strategy.​
✔️Actionable Recommendations You'll receive concrete, actionable recommendations to enhance your content strategy. These will be informed by a unique blend of scientific precision, industrial innovation, and content marketing expertise.
✔️International Perspective With global experience, I bring an international perspective to your content strategy. This can help you resonate with a broader audience and stand out in a global market.
✔️Bilingual Expertise With proficiency in both English and French, I can help you reach and engage a wider audience. This bilingual expertise allows for more nuanced and effective communication with diverse markets, giving your content a competitive edge in the global landscape.

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Meet Your Content Strategist

Hello, I'm Doriane

Why choose me

I’m Doriane (that’s doreeann), a bilingual content strategist and writer with a background in the science and tech industries. I work with SaaS and Tech companies to fine-tune their content, build their authority, and engage their audiences. 

What I bring

I supercharge your content strategy, crafting dual-language narratives that resonate. Think dynamic, tech-savvy, and bilingual – that’s the edge I bring to your brand.

About Me


what Customers Say
Vincent Fontaine

Working with Doriane has been an absolute pleasure. As a writer and content strategist for Lemon, she consistently goes above and beyond to make our lives easier and elevate our content. She has an incredibly sharp marketing mind. Over the past year, I have been impressed not only by her exceptional writing skills, but also by her organizational, editorial, and strategic abilities. Whether working under guidance or on her own, Doriane always delivers outstanding results. With so many writers to choose from, Doriane truly stands out as a talented and dedicated professional.

Vincent Fontaine
CEO of Lemon
Delphine Feautrier

As head of growth at Helios, a ClimateTech startup, I collaborated with Doriane on a series of articles focused on sustainable development. It was a highly successful collaboration. Doriane's writing style is remarkable.
It was not only well-written, but also highly SEO-optimized, requiring very little feedback on my part.

Delphine Feautrier
Head of Growth - Helios.do
Maëlane Faure

Doriane has an exceptional writing style! She consistently produces high-quality blog articles that adhere to the brief and are perfectly optimized for SEO. Our collaboration is seamless, marked by professionalism, friendliness, and valuable suggestions.

Maëlane Faure
CEO of Micropreneure Academy

What I Do

my Services
Content Creation

I write data-driven, expertly researched unique content about a range of B2B topics, especially SaaS, technology, science, climate, and innovation.


My content strategies unfold in 3 stages: research, strategy, and process, ranging from 1-month to 6-month plans.


Captivating French copywriting, localization, and transcreation that makes a difference. Trust me to choose the perfect words for your French market needs.


Professional Skills

my Talent

Have some mad SEO skills, and know how to handle popular SEO tools like a pro.


I'm a data whiz, crunching numbers in Google Analytics and then using those insights to pivot faster than a breakdancer.

C-suite Communication

I can chat up C-suite folks and navigate strategy pows-wows like a boss.

Email Marketing

Can whip up email campaigns like a top chef, cooking up irresistible subject lines and persuasive email content that leaves 'em wanting more.

Project Management

I'm a project management ninja, juggling multiple tasks and still delivering the goods.

Industry Knowledge

Got my finger on the pulse of the B2B tech and SaaS world - I know the trends, the headaches, and the golden opportunities.



my Story
Wow a Scientist!
Scientific background meets web marketing
The perfect match

Combining a strong scientific background with marketing expertise, I create powerful content strategies that deliver results.

Freelance Content Marketer
Doriane Rédaction
2022 - Present

Embracing the freelance journey while creating outstanding content for my clients.

Project Manager - Innovation Competitiveness Cluster
2019 - 2021

Assisted 40+ startups and scale-ups in advancing their innovation and R&D initiatives.

Research Associate
CNRS - French National Centre for Scientific Research
2010 - 2016

Led environmental monitoring projects, performed data analysis, and trained students. Engaged in integrated marine management and regulatory compliance.


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